Great Leaders: Let’s talk about History… the Real Alexander the Great

by Nikolaos S. Panagodimitropoulos

One of the most significant persons in the World History was, and still is, Alexander the Great.

The right name for the Country that we nowadays call «Greece» is «Hellas» and that is the name that I will use for the rest of this text about Alexander.

Alexander, son of Olympias and Phillip, king of Macedonia, North district of Hellas, was raised to be a king. Having as teacher Aristotelis, the famous philosopher, became not only a brave general, but a wise one as well.
A lot of countries claimed to have Alexander as their National Hero. A little Republic of South Yugoslavia called Skopje claim to be the ancient Macedonia.
However they can’t explain 2 of the most important reasons that can cotradict their claims:

1. Aristotelis was known to be Nationalist, that means that believed that Hellas is superior to the countries around, since at those days Hellas was one of the most important places of the known World, for its economy, culture, arts etc.
The term “Hellas” didn’t exist at that time, for there were a lot of cities-states like Athens, Sparta, Thessalia, Macedonia and so on, that formed a bigger Federation called Hellas, and meant people with same routes, culture and common beliefs.
By Aristotelis being so, he could never accept to teach any man that wasn’t Hellin (Greek) for all the gold of the world.

2. At the moment Alexander was dying, he smiled and said:
“Thank Gods I was born Hellin (Greek)”, according to the newspapers held by Ptolemaios, one of his officers.
Of course there are thousands of clues that contradict the claims that Macedonia was not Hellenic, but it is up to to you to read the Historical books of that time and see for yourselves the way a simple man called Alexander, becomes Alexander the Great

© 2010 Nikolaos S. Panagodimitropoulos

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